Sunday, October 18, 2009

recycle OR self-compost

Ok I think ASU has taken this whole "go green" thing a little too far.  At the downtown campus, there are hardly any regular trash cans.  Everywhere you look there are recycle bins that have special compartments for paper, plastic, glass, or aluminum.  But you have to seriously search out the whole building just to find a regular trash can!!  It's like, "well if you're trash doesn't fall into one of these categories than you shouldn't be throwing it away and we'll just let you hold onto it"...or at least that's what I imagine them saying (haha)!  I've even found myself stashing my trash into my backpack and having to walk around with it because I know it's not worthy of being thrown away.  But at least it's provided a topic for conversation and sometimes a few jokes amongst us students, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining after all. =)

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