Thursday, October 22, 2009

on receiving a scholarship

I write with a happy heart tonight as I just found out that I am the recipient of a scholarship from Banner Health.  I applied for this scholarship back in September, was called in for an interview and then had to wait a couple weeks before they told us who they were going to choose.  I was hanging out with my family tonight when I got the email saying I was chosen.  It was wonderful being able to share my news with all of them!  And the amazing thing about this scholarship is that it's not just tuition reimbursement but it ALSO means that I "owe" them once I graduate by working for them for 3 years, in other words--a guaranteed job when I graduate.  How awesome is that?! I am so happy and I still can't believe that I got it! I feel so deeply blessed and I am truly grateful to God for all He has given me.  I can't wait to be a nurse and now I have assurance that I will have a job when I graduate!!! For those of you who knew about this while I was in the process of the application, thank you for praying on my behalf!

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