Friday, December 25, 2009

what Christmas means to me

Wow, another Christmas has come and gone.  It's hard to believe how fast life seems to fly by!  I've thought a lot lately about what Christmas truly means to me and I've come up with this answer.  Christmas means everything and without the birth of Jesus there would be no reason to live or no reason to have hope.  Even though some people may argue that December 25th wasn't really the day when Jesus was born, to me that doesn't matter - the date isn't what's important.  Because Christmas, December 25th, serves as a reminder to me that Jesus did come and that through his birth we have a reason to hope and to find purpose in this life.  God sent his son Jesus to this earth in order to be the Savior for all.  God knew all that Jesus would have to endure while on living on this earth and yet, no amount of pain or suffering stopped God from choosing to send us a Savior to free us from our sins.  We were given the best gift ever.  And the gift of salvation is for every person.  It's completely free and you don't have to do anything for it.  No amount of good works can get you into Heaven.  Knowing that I need Jesus as my Savior and that it is through His death that I am able to freed from my sin is what this season is really about.  God gives me strength and comforts me in the hard times and it is through this that I have hope to face each day.  I've been thinking about the people in my life, both friends and family, who haven't yet received the gift of salvation and my prayer is that in this coming year I would take more time to share with others about what I believe and why it's so important. 
I hope that everyone had a wonderful time with family and friends! Merry Christmas!!!

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